Travel Diaries: Isabel in Paris, France


If we're being honest, we can't help but envision For Love & Lemons designs on adventurous, confident, and curious babes who seem to always be seeking new things to do and places to see. That's why it felt natural to start a new blog series that follows girls on their trips around the world, all the while capturing their favorite moments and getting their unadulterated travel advice. It's our hope that "Travel Diaries" inspires you to take some much needed PTO, or at the very least have you reminiscing about your most cherished travel memories. 

This week we are following Isabel Tan on her trip to Paris, France for her friend's destination wedding. Read her full story to get your fill of dreamy French hotels, "how to be the best bridesmaid" advice,  and of course a glimpse into the wedding's gorgeous Parisian style. 


Where are you guys taking us?

Paris, France.

What's the occasion?

We're attending one of our best friend's wedding!

One piece of advice for those attending their first destination wedding:

It's always better to over than under pack.


If you could wear one outfit the entire trip, it’d be:

The Rosemary mini dress!

One thing you cannot travel without:

Our phones- google map is everything.


What was the best meal you ate during your trip?

The wedding dinner at the Shangri La hotel- amazing duck.

What was your "can't miss" destination during your trip to Paris? 

The Musee! You're not doing Paris right if you're not visiting the Museums, I recommend taking a loved one or a bff!

The best part about being a bridesmaid:

To be a part of the most important day in her life and of course watching her walk down the aisle in her amazing dress. 


What advice would you give a friend who wants to visit?

Cobble floors are not heels friendly, bring sneakers or boots.

One thing you will NOT miss about Paris:  

The long lines to get into places.


Our main mode of transportation while in Paris was: 

Uber and it was awesome- they get out and open the doors for you.      

The best moment was: 

Getting crepes at the crepe stand at midnight.