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    Dec 17, 2014

    This week's Sleeping in With story features Lera Pentelute and Aaron Childs. Lera is a Los Angeles based model, but don't let her good looks fool you, she graduated cum laude from USC with a degree in economics and psychology. Her boyfriend, Aaron, is a singer/song writers and captured Lera in their cute home with his iPhone. Check out the photos of this natural beauty below in some of our favorite SKIVVIES and Knitz.

    What is the first you do when you wake up?
    Lera: Bed yoga
    Aaron: Hit snooze

    What's on your nightstands??
    Lera: Essential oils, herbal medicines, candles, phone
    Aaron: My record player -- I like to go to sleep that way

    Any part of your morning routine you won't do in front of your man?
    Lera: Getting dressed! He thinks everything looks great....
    Aaron: Nope she sees it all

    Morning hike or sleep in?
    Aaron: Sleep in, afternoon hike
    Lera: Pretty much

    Dogs or cats?
    Lera: Cats
    Aaron: Dogs. Cats don't like me

    Who controls the remote?
    Lera: No TVs around here
    Aaron: Unfortunately

    Who takes longer to get ready?
    Aaron: She does
    Lera: I do

    Cold gray morning where you stay in bed all day? OR warm sunny mornings?
    Lera: Cold gray mornings. We don't get too many in LA, so that weather actually makes me wan to run outside.

    What do you do to relax?
    Lera: Yoga. It's really the only time I can turn off my phone without worrying about a missed call.
    Aaron: I'm not really sure, I can't remember the last time I got to relax.

    Who hogs the bed covers?
    Aaron: She does
    Lera: He does

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  • SLEEPING IN WITH: Rachel Yampolsky and Patrick Maus

    Dec 05, 2014

    In case you just found out about our blog series, Sleeping In is about the little intimate memories between you and your partner - no makeup, cheesy moments, and just forgetting about the time passing by. We asked our favorite couples to give us a peek into their home so we could see what they like doing on a regular ol' Sunday morning. Let us introduce our 5th couple, Patrick Maus and Rachel Yampolsky. Pat is one of our dear friends and photographers, he shoots many of our website images. Rachel is his super sweet girlfriend/muse. You may have seen her around as she is one of LA's cutest models. Most of the images were shot with Pat's polaroid camera in his LA live/work studio on a lazy sunday morning. Rachel is wearing all SKIVVIES and Knitz from our holiday collections. We love these two and we know you will also!

    Favorite breakfast to cook your boo on a Sunday?
    Rachel: Patrick and I usually go out to eat on Sunday mornings once in a while, we have croissants and dip them in hot chocolate.

    First thing you do when you wake up?
    Rachel: I stretch
    Pat: Drink water, lots and lots of it.

    What's on your nightstands??
    Rachel: Candles, books, my journal and Altoids, I'm slightly addicted.
    Pat: Water, lamp, remotes & currently 2 books (Andre Agassi 'Open' & Timothy Ferriss 'The 4-Hour Work Week).

    Describe your man in one word. And your women in one word
    Rachel: Autodidakt (German word) Meaning: A person who is self-taught. I can also say that he’s so caring and so sweet.
    Pat: Kind

    Dogs or cats?
    Rachel: Cats
    Pat: Dogs.

    How do you and your man like your eggs??
    Rachel: Over easy
    Pat: Sunny side up for me, over easy for her.

    Cold gray morning where you stay in bed all day? OR warm sunny mornings?
    Rachel: I love warm sunny mornings.
    Pat: Sunny mornings, hands down! But every now and then a grey morning, maybe some drizzle or rain (LA needs it!) reminds me of home (Hamburg, Germany).

    What cheesy pick up line would you use to pick one another up if you just met each other today?
    Rachel: "There must be something wrong with my eyes. I can't seem to take them off of you."
    Pat: You're so beautiful that you made me forget my pickup line...

    Who hogs the bed covers?
    Rachel: Neither of us

    How is your woman's sleep??
    Pat: I have checked her pulse before, she sleeps that quietly. The one time I worked all night, her sleeping besides me, I did hear her laugh quietly and say a few words, she's happy!

    What do you put on to impress your man??
    Rachel: The long black dress he gave to me.

    What’s your favorite way to wear your SKIVVIES??
    Rachel: The photos pretty much explain it!!

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  • Lace and Layers

    Nov 25, 2014

    The holiday season is just around the corner, which means it's time to start digging all the cozy little knits from your closet. The weather has been cooling down in Los Angeles so it's time to get creative with all your favorite For Love & Lemons pieces. Sahara Ray and Jennifer Humphrey show us their best model-off-duty look by layering pretty lace pieces with our Knitz line. Comfy and stylish? Yes please! Our artistic and multi-talented friend, Silke Labson, captured these beauties in some of our favorite styles.

    PHOTOGRAPHER: @ShownToScale Silke Labson

    JEN HUMPHRY: @Jen_Agogo

    SAHARA RAY: @Sahara_Ray

    MUA: @mnorth Maddie North

    ASST: @Haswcoastsoul Has Alexandra

    JEWELRY: @lili_claspe Lili Claspe

  • SLEEPING IN WITH: Hanna Beth and Chris Zylka

    Nov 11, 2014

    For part four of our Sleeping in With series, we asked our friend Hanna Beth and her fiance, Chris Zylka. Hanna is a model based out of LA and has a super sweet personality. Her hunky fiance, Chris, is an actor that you may recognize from one of our favorite HBO hit series, The Leftovers. Chris took photos of Hanna cozied up in our Knitz and SKIVVIES straight from his iPhone to give a peek into their life on a lazy weekend at home. We love these two and are so excited that they are tying the knot!

    Favorite breakfast to cook your boo on a Sunday?
    Chris: Whatever she wants
    Hanna: I can't cook

    Favorite tunes to wake up to?
    Chris: Nirvana
    Hanna: David Bowie always puts me in a good mood

    What part of your morning routine can you not do without?
    Chris: Waking up next to Hanna... and going to the gym
    Hanna: Waking up to Chris and having a coffee

    Cold gray morning where you stay in bed all day? Or warm sunny mornings?
    Chris: Cold grey morning
    Hanna: Cold grey mornings.. I hate the sun and love to stay in and be cozy

    Who takes longer to get ready?
    Chris: Who has a bedroom as their closet?
    Hanna: Probably me.. I can never decide what to wear... and then I usually end up wearing the same thing.. boyfriend jeans and big tee.

    What do you put on to impress your man/girl?
    Chris: Cleaning up after myself and the dogs. Bringing her coffee in the morning when we are in New York.
    Hanna: Dress up sexy when we are lounging at the house. Remember to get protein bars and drinks he likes when I'm out. Pretend to enjoy watching football when I don't.. ha!

    What's your favorite way to wear SKIVVIES?
    Hanna: I like to wear them on top of my man

    What cheesy pick up line would you use to pick one another up if you just met each other today?
    Chris: Damn girl, you must be a lumberjack cause you just gave me wood.
    Hanna: Have we met before?

    Describe your man in one word. Describe your woman in one word.
    Chris: Grace
    Hanna: Eccentric

    Who does more chores around the house?
    Chris: Hanna
    Hanna: I do, but I don't really give him the chance. I am such a neat freak.. I hate when anything is messy.

    First thing you do when you wake up?
    Chris: Turn over to see if Hanna is up... she never is...
    Hanna: Grab my phone from my walk in closet... which is actually the second bedroom

    What does your man/girl find sexy in your Sunday loungewear?
    Chris: That she never wears pants
    Hanna: I love when he's in his oversize hoodie and sweats... he looks sexy

    Coffee or tea?
    Chris: Matcha green tea & expresso
    Hanna: Depends on my mood

    What do you do to relax?
    Chris: Go to the gym, take the dogs for a walk, lay down with my baby and watch movies.
    Hanna: Take a hot bath, drink a calming tea, ask Chris for a back massage. He gives the best ones ever.

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  • "WINTER WONDERLAND" Knitz Holiday 2014 Lookbook

    Nov 05, 2014

    And we present our second KNITZ collection!! We have so much fun designing all these cozy, soft, oversized pieces, they take us to a completely different mindset than creating the Ready-to-wear collections and SKIVVIES. We really get in the zone by envisioning different scenarios of where we would be wearing these cozy pieces. Like sitting next to a fire in a snow blizzard curled up in our oversized sweaters, or reading a book in a cafe in a cool wintery city layered in the snuggly pieces. We could go on and on, but we will let you enjoy the collection yourselves instead! We hope you love them as much as we love creating them!

    Model: Taylor Hill

    Photographer: Zoey Grossman

    Styling: Ashley Glorioso

    Hair: Ashlee Rose

    Makeup: Samuel Paul

    See the full Lookbook here


    Oct 30, 2014

    Welcome to part three of the Sleeping in With series. We are so happy to announce that this will be an ongoing series! Our favorite part about Sleeping in With is that everyone's photos turn out so different and we can really get a taste of each couple's style. This week we present our third couple, Jenny and Jason Lee Parry - we all know Jason for his amazing photography and Jenny is his super cute wife, a model/actress, and his muse. We've been following this adorable family of three (their Sheltie named Leon) for a while and we can't get enough of them. All these photos came from Jason's camera so thank you Jenny and Jason for giving us a peek into your life.

    Favorite breakfast to cook your boo on a Sunday?
    Jenny: I run out and grab croissants or bagels and coffee. I'm not the best cook... yet.
    Jason: Country potatos

    What do you put on to impress your man?
    Jenny: Thigh highs. It's pretty much his favorite thing.
    Jason: Sounds like she knows me pretty well.

    What do you do to relax?
    Jenny: Hot showers, laying around watching movies or a glass of wine. Ideally all three in a night for ultimate relaxation.
    Jason: Watching movies

    Favorite tunes to wake up to?
    Jenny: Something happy like Hall & Oates Pandora for sunny days and maybe jazz for cloudy mornings.
    Jason: Tom Petty, Iggy Pop, Velvet Underground, Brian Jonestown Massacre, and Pink Floyd

    Dogs or cats?
    Jenny: Dogs. I'm allergic to cats. We have a furry son named Leon who is the light of my life!
    Jason: Dogs. Of course.

    What's your favorite way to wear your SKIVVIES?
    Jenny: Peeking out from anything I'm wearing. It's fun to know I have something sexy on underneath.

    Describe your man in one word. And your woman in one word.
    Jenny: Passionate
    Jason: One word is impossible

    Coffee or tea?
    Jenny: Coffee! Strong and black
    Jason: Green tea

    Cold gray mornings where you stay in bed all day? Or warm sunny mornings?
    Jenny: Warm sunny mornings. I'm a California girl.
    Jason: 50/50

    Morning hike or sleep in?
    Jenny: Depends on the night before... but a hike would make me feel better about myself.
    Jason: I like morning hikes.

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  • International Girl of the Moment: Mafalda Castro

    Oct 28, 2014

    Photography by Marta Cabral

    Mafalda Castro of Last Time Around has been under our radar for the past year. She is one of our favorite bloggers and what we love most about her style is that she knows how to make any outfit her own by giving it her own unique touch. We recently caught up with Mafalda so we could ask her about her style and life in Lisbon, Portugal.

    Tell us about Lisbon, Portugal. We would love to hear all the amazing things about your hometown!

    I would say that the perfect day for me would involve a stroll downtown, do some shopping and spend the evening on some rooftop party with my friends. Lisbon is full of enchanting stories on each corner of the city, it's an old town with a very rich history which makes everything so magical. Not only the city of Lisbon is beautiful, but historical villages around like Cascais and Sintra are amazing and with super rich monuments and places to visit.

    What is the fashion scene like in Lisbon?

    Well in my opinion the fashion scene in Lisbon it's pretty interesting. Younger people tend to be in two categories: super different and edgy, with high platforms and crazy style, or really feminine and with form-fitting clothing. Older people who are into fashion tend to have a very put-together style. I think Portuguese people are really good at playing safe and having cool effortless style, in general I think people still need to learn how to play with clothing and have fun with it. The style here is very European but with that latin vibe we all have.

    We're in love with your style. How did you get started with your blog?

    Ohh that's so sweet. Well like many others it started in the most random way possible, I was at home and decided that I was going to have a blog since I was thinking about taking a degree in Journalism (which I'm taking now). So in a beautiful day in October 2011, I started to post on my blog Last Time Around. I started to post only about fashion, models and fashion tips. When I shared pictures of myself the feedback was truly positive so I thought that it would be nice to start posting my everyday looks. From then I haven't stopped, the blog has given me so many opportunities and I have so much fun with it!

    What are your best Fall fashion tips as the weather cools down?

    My best tips are definitely don't leave your hat home. Wearing a hat gives such an edge to every outfit, and I think especially in Fall you need to pull of cool but comfortable looks. In my opinion accessories make the outfit. Also this Fall I think light knits and lace will make the perfect look for everyday life, because you can pair with with simple black boots and jeans or with some high-heeled boots and shorts. I love Fall because you can play with clothing, mix everything and make amazing outfits, it's the season to have fun dressing.

    Tell us about your outfit and how you chose to style it

    Well, for the black outfit I have to admit that I fell in love with the top. I chose to wear it with the skirt because it looks like it's a dress and makes the perfect combination. The fact that you can wear it as dress or separate makes it so much more interesting. The yellow dress is just such an unique piece that I had to own and wear. It is now one of the most beautiful pieces I now have in my closet! I decided to wear some gypsy/boho inspired jewelry with both outfits and some chunky black boots. I wanted to keep everything simple and let the beautiful pieces from For Love and Lemons shine.

    Shop Mafalda's Look Here!

  • For Love & Lemons Love Story

    Oct 22, 2014

    For Love & Lemon's very own designer and co-owner, Gillian, recently traveled to the wild west to get married in her hometown to her boo, Joey. The beautiful wedding took place on an open field next to a ranch with Jackson Hole's breathtaking mountain landscape as its backdrop. Joey, her family, and closest friends watched Gillian walk down the aisle in a dress that she designed herself and had made here at the FL&L studio. The beautiful bride wanted to have a laid-back wedding by a barn, where wedding goers could wear cowboy boots and feast on BBQ for the reception. Here are some of the photos from that special day.

    "The most important part to me was the ceremony, and making it really important and memorable. We didn't want to speed through it, so we had people read poems, and we passed out rings around to everyone to make a little wish on. It was so special"

    Congratulations Gillian and Joey!

    Photos by Daniel Kincaid

  • "HOLIDAY IN TOPANGA CANYON" Holiday 2014 Lookbook

    Oct 20, 2014

    For Love & Lemons takes a holiday to the enchanting bohemian hills of Topanga Canyon. Topanga Canyon is a haven in the hills of Malibu that attracts artists, musicians, and free spirits from all over the world. For the Holiday collections, the girls of For Love & Lemons used textiles that are eclectic and unique, including floral print velvet burnouts, custom thread-work embroidery artwork engineered to contour the body, and delicate laces. Woodsy and natural shades against vibrant jewel tones made for the perfect holiday color palette. Layered in vintage jewels and Givenchy thigh high boos, this lookbook will make you want to disappear into Topanga Canyone hills with handsome long haired musicians, a guitar, and the starry night over you head!

    Model: Morgane Warnier @The Lions

    Photographer: Zoey Grossman

    Stylist: Ashley Glorioso

    Beauty: Ashlee Rose


  • SLEEPING IN WITH: Melodi Meadows and Asher Moss

    Oct 15, 2014

    We are so exited to show you part two of our Sleeping in With series, featuring Melodi Meadows and Asher Moss. In case you missed part one, Sleeping in With is about the little intimate memories between you and your parter - no makeup, cheesy moments, and just forgetting about the time passing by. One of the best things about For Love & Lemons is that we are constantly introduced to some of the coolest people and this rad couple is no exception. Melodi is a total creative type - painter, photographer, visual manager... you name it, she does it! Asher is a photographer and we are total fans of his work so we knew this collaboration had to happen.

    All of the photos of Melodi wearing Knitz and Skivvies were taken by Asher in their amazing home. We can just feel the chemistry and romance in the photos, we're so obsessed! Take a peek in this week's photo story and stay tuned for part three.

    Cold gray morning where you stay in bed all day? Or warm sunny mornings?
    M: Warm and sunny and the beach and the sand

    Who hogs the bed?
    M: Him

    What's on your night stands?
    M: Old photos, day old tea, vintage lamps, camera

    What do you put on to impress your man?
    M: SKIVVIES of course

    Coffee or tea?
    M: Coffee in the morning, tea at night

    Who controls the remote?
    M: We don't have a tv

    What do you do to relax?
    M: Roadtrip, camp, eat, hike, lay in bed all day

    Describe your man in one word. And your woman in one word.
    M: Handsome
    A: Flawless

    Favorite breakfast to cook your boo on a Sunday morning?
    M: Black pepper smoked organic bacon, gluten free pancakes with mini reese's cups, fried eggs and hash browns. Strong black coffee.

    Leather or lace?
    M: Lace!

    Who takes longer to get ready?
    A: Her

    Who does the most chores around the house?
    M: Even split between us

    Any part of your morning routine you won't do in front of your man?
    M: Not really, we are pretty much open about everything

    What's your favorite way to wear your SKIVVIES?
    M: Halfway on

    Amazing, right? We can't wait to show you our next Knitz and Skivvies story.

    Shop Melodi's picks here

  • SLEEPING IN WITH: Cailin Russo and Luke Davis

    Sep 29, 2014

    Meet Cailin Russo and Luke Davis. We first fell in love with Cailin at our SKIVVIES launch party back in 2013 where she modeled our famous Long Line Bondage bra, and Luke is her hot surfer dude boyfriend. This insanely cute duo is part of our first story that we are sharing for the For Love & Lemons "Sleeping In With" series. Sleeping In is about the little intimate memories between you and your partner - no makeup, cheesy moments, and just forgetting about the time passing by. We asked our favorite couples to give us a peek into their home so we could see what they like doing on a regular ol' Sunday morning.

    It's all about the candid moments and subtle details - falling asleep in your SKIVVIES, waking up and throwing on a fuzzy little Knitz sweater before making a hot pot of coffee. Walking around the house during the early morning hours in your favorite undies and oversized sweater. Feeling sexy and being comfortable in your own skin... that's how we envision our SKIVVIES and KNITZ line to go together. It's about comfy textures, silhouettes that are perfect for lounging around in, and ultimately, a lifestyle!

    The images were captured by Luke, of Cailin, straight from his iPhone. Check out the photos of Cailin looking cute and cozy as can be wearing our Fall KNITZ and Fall SKIVVIES below.

    Coffee or Tea?
    C: Luke is coffee
    L: Cailin is tea & coffee

    Favorite breakfast to cook your boo on a Sunday morning?
    C: Favorite thing I cook for Luke on Sunday mornings is yogurt and berries... it's more special than it sounds

    What cheesy pick up line would you use to pick one another up if you just met each other today?
    L: "Have you ever surfed?"
    C: "I'm in need for a partner in crime"

    Dogs or cats?
    Luke = dogs, Cai = 0

    Describe your man in one word. And your woman in one word.
    L: Crazy.
    C: Endearing

    Who hogs the bed covers?
    L: Cailin hogs the bed covers and pushes me off the bed, who's tryna cuddle

    Who does the most chores around the house?
    L: Cailin definitely does the most chores... cuz it's Cailin's house

    How do you and your man like your eggs?
    C&L: We like our eggs scrambled

    Cold grey mornings where you stay in bed all day or warm sunny mornings?
    C&L: Cold grey mornings for both

    Leather or lace?
    C&L: Lace for both!

    We hope you enjoyed this cute photo story by Cailin and Luke. Stayed tuned for next week's couple!

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    Sep 23, 2014

    Click here to shop Jill's Picks | Little Black Boots Blog

  • WAREHOUSE SALE - September 20th, 2014

    Sep 16, 2014

    Come join us on September 20th from 10 am to 4 pm for a warehouse sale with our bestie, Vanessa Mooney. We're moving to a bigger location and bringing more clothes than ever before - it will be epic to say the least. Customers can expect prices up to 70% off with select items at even greater discounts. We'll have current and previous collections, even SKIVVIES! See you there!

  • Free People visits FL&L Studio

    Sep 16, 2014

    Free People recently stopped by the For Love & Lemons office for a studio tour and to shoot a small video. Check it out below and meet Gillian and Laura, the owners and designers behind FL&L!

    Photos by Tina Deleon

  • FREE PEOPLE X For Love & Lemons SKIVVIES Collaboration

    Sep 16, 2014

    We are so excited to announce the news about our Collaboration with Free People. This collection features beautiful macramé appliqués, illusion tulle, stretch lace in a deep blood red, bold shapes, and dreamy chantilly lace. All are available on Free People's website, time to go shopping!

    Model: Marloes Horst
    Photographer: Zoey Grossman
    Makeup: Samuel Paul
    Hair: Luke Chamberlain

  • 2nd Annual SKIVVIES Party and Presentation

    Sep 16, 2014

    A couple weeks ago, we threw our 2nd Annual SKIVVIES party and presentation at the Carondelet house in Los Angeles. It was a fun night with all our friends, lots of dancing, yummy drinks, and of course - pretty lacy lingerie! During the lingerie presentation, we featured our Fall SKIVVIES styles, which are now available on our website. Our lovely friend, Jena Malone, sang with her band, The Shoe, and gave a romantic performance. The venue provided an intimate setting and it was such a magical way to end the night.

    Thank you to everyone that attended the event and to all our sponsors for making this event such a success!

    Too Faced Cosmetics
    Organic Wine Lounge
    Frank's Body Scrub
    Pressed Juicery

    Heaven and Hill's Distillery

    Behind the scenes photos by Anastasia Krivosheeva

  • For Love & Lemons X Jena Malone "FLOWER HOPES" Collaboration

    Aug 11, 2014

    We are happy to present our latest passion project collaboration Flower Hopes. Flower Hopes is a Skivvies capsule collection we created with Jena Malone and her band The Shoe. The Shoe song "Dead Flower Hopes" inspired the collection, which includes beautiful macrame applique bralettes, bodysuits, and panties all in unusual flower shades. Our collection like the Dead Flower Hopes song is intended to empower women to celebrate their bodies and feel beautiful in their skin. We hope our capsule collection will inspire women to look to themselves to find confidence peace in their own unique beauty. Please enjoy the Dead Flower Hopes music video included below.


    I have a million!!! Because I still wake up some days myself and forget my own perfect beauty. I get swayed by the heavy comparison of what I am versus what other women are. I get down on myself when I look in the mirror. And I look at my body sometimes and wish it looked different. This is natural and part of the human condition, I'm learning. What is unnatural is allowing our beautiful minds to live in this state instead of laughing at these impulses. Setting up reminders for ourselves to help remember the real, authentic beauty in the world. What helps me the most is realizing the moments in my life when I felt most beautiful and happy and content - had nothing to do with my physical image and had everything to do with my heart. When your heart is happy and light you shine with a radiance no perfectly lit, photoshopped image can beat.


    Right now every part of my life is work, and in turn every part is creating. With film and music and photos and art and being a good sister there are so many things that humble me every day. My favorite project right now is learning to manifest my true desires out of the world. Not just my everyday needs.




    People. I get the most inspiration from people I meet and from strangers I see on the street. Second is the awe struck I get when I’m in nature.


    Learn to mediate. Drink a lot of water. Don’t worry about finding love, the simple truth is you ARE love.


    Busy busy busy right now!! Every day is so different. Today I spent mostly walking around my house on my phone catching up on work and returning emails from different laying positions all over my house. Porch, bed, couch, floor.. repeat. And yesterday I was ending a ten day adventure solo traveling thru Myanmar.

    FOR LOVE & LEMONS: Tell us a little bit about your favorite piece from the collaboration?

    The blue body suit!!! It looks like its from an another time. And I’m obsessed with body suits. I think I own like 20 !


    It means get down to the truth of the matter. Im very free with getting naked and feeling comfortable in your own skin. And when I heard that expression I knew we had to work together. :)


    Being good with children, imagination, a blinding smile

    Arrogance, if your smell doesn’t mix well with my nose I know it will never work

    Dream date:
    Anything that has the word adventure in it

    Have you ever gone skinny dipping?
    Yes!! of course I grew up in Lake Tahoe

    One thing you can't leave the house without?

    Favorite way to spend a Friday night?
    Girlfriends, records, pillows on the floor, mescal, dancing, moon gazing

    An interesting thing no one assumes about you?
    I’m actually pretty shy about getting naked in front of guys I like.

    If you could have a drink with anyone living or passed on who would it be?
    Nina Simone

    What advice would you give the high school version of yourself?
    Don’t follow any one else’s advice. Follow your heart.

    The "Flower Dreams" collection will be available on our website tomorrow morning (8/12) for pre-order

    Photos of Jena Malone by Zoey Grossman


    Aug 04, 2014

    Our Fall 14 Collection "Howdy from Jackson Hole" is a collection we hold so very dear to our hearts. Well, we love all our collections of course, but for this one we went back to our roots, Jackson Hole, Wyoming where Laura and Gillian were born and raised. The girls wanted to show off their favorite place in the world and all the local spots they hung out in. From places like the "Cowboy Bar" to their friends' ranches and homes, we gave you a good idea of where For Love & Lemons originated. The collection is full of earthy tones, faux suede, printed corduroy, warm fuzzy jackets, plaid minis, fun prints, and pretty laces. Some of the signature prints are the "rodeo" print rayon and the handkerchief printed corduroy. We had a lot of fun shooting this collection, and I am sure you will be able to see it in the images. So kick back your boots and enjoy! xx


    Photography: Zoey Grossman

    Styling: Ashley Glorioso

    Beauty: Ashlee Rose

  • Knitz Behind the Scenes

    Jul 02, 2014

    Cinematographer: David Smoler

  • Knitz Fall 2014 Debut Collection

    Jul 01, 2014

    Model: Stella Maxwell @The Lions

    Photographer: Zoey Grossman

    Stylist: Ashley Glorioso

    MUA: Lottie Stanard

    Hair: Ashlee Rose

  • KNITZ by For Love & Lemons Sneak Peek!

    Jun 18, 2014

    We are so excited to announce our newest line KNITZ by For Love & Lemons, inspired to bring comfort and wearability. We have been working away for the last year testing different yarns and exploring unique textures and weaves to create the coziest pieces. We are extremely excited with the results and can't wait to share the full lookbook soon! KNITZ will be a full four season collection, so you can cozy up every season! Enjoy this sneak peek!

    Model: Stella Maxwell @The Lions

    Photographer: Zoey Grossman

    Stylist: Ashley Glorioso

    MUA: Lottie Stanard

    Hair: Ashlee Rose

  • "HOT TEXAS SUMMER" Summer 2014 Lookbook

    Apr 23, 2014

    Summer is finally here and we couldn't be more ready with our "Hot Texas Summer" inspired collection. For this collection we traveled to Austin, Texas where we went swimming in Barton Springs, ate lots of good food, and went swing dancing at night. When we came home we had a whole sketch book of sexy, sweet floral and lacey pieces inspired the Austin lifestyle. So we dedicate this collection to the fun memories we shared in that amazing city! Enjoy, and lets have a hot summer!

    Model: Hailey Clauson
    Photographer: Zoey Grossman
    Stylist: Ashley Glorioso
    Makeup: Stacey Tan
    Hair: Ramsell Martinez

  • Coachella 2014 ft. For Love & Lemons!

    Apr 22, 2014

    (Ireland Baldwin wears our Antigua Maxi Dress, Vanessa Hudgens wears our Bandit Pencil Skirt, Poppy Delevingne wears our Antigua Crop Top)

    (Vanessa Hudgens wears our Guatemalan Army Jacket and Jhene Aiko wears our Balmy Nights Maxi Dress as a top)

    (Ashley Benson wears our Little Darling Crop Top, Kendall Jenner wears our Chi Chi Crop Top, and Jenna Malone wears our Little Lolita Bralette as a crop top.)

    (Jhene Aiko performs in our Love You Knot Bondage Bralette, Ashley Benson wears our Sex Kitten Bra as a crop top, Katy Perry wears our Rosita Crop Top and Rosita Skirt.)

    (Poppy Delevingne wears our Bonita Top, Vanessa Hudgens wears our Chica Crop Top and Pepe Skirt, Estee of HAIM wears our Chili Pepper Dress)

    What a crazy two weeks! We had so much fun dressing all these babes for Coachella 2014 Weekend 1 & Weekend 2. We also loved seeing all you fashionable ladies at Coachella rocking your Bat Your Lashes Bras and Bandit Crop Tops. Don't forget to tag us on IG at #forloveandlemons so we can see your festival style xx

  • ERIN WASSON wears FL&L SKIVVIES in Harper's Bazaar Singapore

    Apr 15, 2014

    Model: Erin Wasson
    Photographer: Yu Tsai
    Stylist: Kenneth Goh

    We were beyond ecstatic when we found out Erin Wasson would be wearing For Love & Lemons SKIVVIES in Harper's Bazaar Singpore. Wasson graced the pages of this beautiful editorial last month in some of our favorite SKIVVIES styles. A true beauty! Her effortless, undone style is completely inspiring and we are honored that FL&L was featured. We're currently working on restocking the Love You Knot Bondage Bondage Bralette, so hang tight, it should be available on our website in less than month.


  • Sample Sale Time // Get festival ready!

    Mar 27, 2014

  • Meet Your Model // ANNA HERRIN

    Mar 08, 2014

    We first got to know Anna a few months ago at our SKIVVIES launch party and presentation. Full of fun energy and insanely fit, it's no wonder she has modeled for us three times! Meet Anna Herrin - the lemon veteran that we just can't get enough of.


    Pisces... essentially means I have a split personality and I'm absolutely WHACK

    Brilliance, humor

    Hair gel of any form, male models, anger

    I'm a huge sucker for family. I'm sort of in deep love with my little sister and have only ever wanted to be a mommy.

    Aren't you glad I didn't say banana?

    White Russians with the dude, or Biggie and Tupac and figure out what REALLY happened!

    White wine, baths, cuddles, and cheese.

    What bothers you in other people says more about you than it does about them.

    Err... everything! I loved the Extra Virgin with little roses and cotton... makes me feel all innocent.


    Feb 25, 2014

    Last week we headed to Las Vegas for a trade show with our super fun showroom, Suite Shop! Dena and Chase are our hilarious west coast reps and the reason you get to see our clothes in so many awesome stores. Here's a little sneak peek at what's to come this year - more amazing clothes, more SKIVVIES, and a new collection called, Knitz! We can't give out too many details on our new line, but we will be launching it towards the end of the year and we promise it will be amazing. We are also making more of our popular Antigua and San Marcos styles so if you weren't able to purchase something before they sold out, they'll be available in a couple months in even more colors!


    Feb 25, 2014

    (Last weekend we headed over to Vanessa Mooney's lovely farmhouse for a fun night with some of our friends, models and blogger babes.)

    (Bryana Holly and friends are caught snuggling with a furry friend next to the fireplace.)

    (Sheryl, Eugenie, and Jill stop and smile for a photo op.)

    (Jill looking amazing as always, she is one of our favorite blogger babes ever!)

    (Courtney and Jen strike a pose after choosing some For Love and Lemons + Vanessa Mooney goodies)

    (Amber and bestie hanging out and sharing laughs by the fireplace.)

    It was a fun night of wine and fireside chats with some of our favorite ladies. Until next time!

  • "Extra Virgin" Spring 2014 Lookbook

    Feb 11, 2014

    We are thrilled to present our SKIVVIES Spring 2014 collection. It plays with virginal combinations of ivory & white, powdery neons, and lingerie pieces made in unusual textiles. Inspired by vintage classic silhouettes re-vamped to fit the modern woman this collection is meant to be shown off.

    Our spring collection features styles with paneled fabric combinations that flatter the female form including rib knit with lace, illusion tulle with macrame, and ribbon embroidered illusion tulle just to name a few. Look closely to see all the unique details - 90's throwback front bra closures and gold plated hardware that are sure to draw attention.

    This editorial look book was photographed by photo legend & Mirage Magazine founder, Henrik Purienne, who has a god-like ability to capture natural beauty that is innocent and sultry all at once. His styling and shoot concepts brought the Spring collection to life on beauty Anastasia Krivosheeva .

    Made with love in Los Angeles, we know there is much for you to adore in our Spring Collection.

    Photographer: Henrik Purienne

    Model: Anastasia Krivosheeva @ Photogenics

    Creative Team: Gillian Mahin, Keenan Evans, Laura Hall

  • "Land of Eternal Spring" Spring 2014 Lookbook

    Jan 17, 2014

    And alas, we present our Spring 14' Collection "Land Of Eternal Spring" featuring the beauty Carola Remer. For this collection we traveled to the beautiful Antigua, Guatemala. After falling in love with the culture, colors, people, food, architecture, and land we decided to extend our trip a little bit longer and design our Spring Collection there. We scoured the markets far and wide and sourced beautiful one-of-a-king hand embroidered huipiles(traditional Guatemalan tops), which you will find we repurposed and incorporated into many of the garments. We also created our own prints based off of paintings on walls. The rest of the collection consists of bold vibrant colors and laces, which you will see for yourself! Enjoy Model: Carola Remer @PhotoGenics

    Photographer: Zoey Grossman

    Stylist: Ashley Glorioso

    Hair/Makeup: Ashlee Rose


    Dec 12, 2013

    The magic that happened at our first lingerie collection launch party!! Until next time…..


    Nov 26, 2013

    We are having a warehouse sale on Sunday, Dec. 8th with Vanessa Mooney, Rails, and Cleobella! We will be open from 10 am - 5 pm. This is the perfect event to get all your holiday shopping finished, expect super low prices that start at $5, with items up to 80% off.

    Bring a new toy for our holiday toy drive and be entered to win a $1000 gift from the venders!

    Please park on Santa Fe St. since we are located in a narrow alley. Bring all your friends!